Established in 1999, we work in the field of private security, VIP protection, VIP protection training, security consultancy, risk analysis/risk management, information collection and evaluation, and electronic security and alarm monitoring. Our companies remain competitive against our competition by offering holistic security solutions from home and workplace security to public institutions and large industrial facilities. Our expert teams and technological infrastructure allow us to provide our customers with uninterrupted service and after-sales satisfaction.

Our Vision:
Within the sectors we operate in, we aim to become a leading company setting the norm in service quality in national and international markets.

Our Mission:
To provide services by security specialists who are trained in public or private organization security needs, equipped with modern equipment, and carefully selected criteria. In doing so, we aim to work with people with impeccable character and qualities, are highly disciplined, professional, and cultured, and believe in the law, are respectful of human rights, have adopted a contemporary and dynamic system of thought, and are able to communicate effectively.

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