Security Personnel Control:

This includes the supervision of private security personnel at the organization's premises according to various scenarios at specific and uncertain times. Inspections are carried out according to the institution's quality policies, safety laws, and procedures of our company's experience.

Risk Analysis and Management:

Here, we determine the security risks on the site and in the zone, the scales of these risks, and the areas where measures should be taken. It is also important to manage any risks that cannot be completely disposed of or precautions that cannot be taken.

Emergency Assessment:

For emergencies in buildings and facilities of human, natural, territorial, and structural origin, and when immediate intervention is necessary and unexpected. In addition to establishing emergency plans specific to the business, it is important that these plans be examined, revised if necessary, and function well within various scenarios.

Socio-Cultural, Political, Economic Risk Analysis:

Individuals living in the invested regions can cause problems due to social, cultural, political, and economic reasons. Hence, investments might be negatively affected by these problems. First, it is important to remove the risk profile in that zone during the investment planning phase. When investments have been made and problems have arisen, determining the source of the problems and finding solutions, determining preventive policies against potential risks, and choosing the correct type of risk management are important.

Choreography Consultancy

We are providing choreography designing and consultancy services about action and war scenes for movies, tv shows, commercials exc. Our special staff will guide you for the best choreography.